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The information on these pages is intended to help My Little Pony collectors successfully identify
their MLP accessories and complete their accessory collections. To this end, I have included photos
of accessories, checklists of accessories, and notes giving more detailed information about
particular accessories in the sections below.


The photos on the pages below all come from items in my personal collection or items that have passed
through my hands. The information on the checklists comes from my childhood collection, my MIP
ponies, pictures of MIP ponies, other collectors, and logical deduction. While this information is
accurate to the best of my knowledge, I can't guarantee that every detail is absolutely correct. If you find
an error, typo, or omission please e-mail me.


If you have an accessory question not answered by the pages below you can
Ask Lady Twilight

Adult Pony Accessories


US Adult MLP Accessories Checklist A

April 27, 2008

US Adult MLP Accessories Checklist B

April 27, 2008

Big Brother + Princess

January 20, 2013


September 2, 2012

Hair Clips + Clothing

December 5, 2009

Sea Pony + Wedding

November 10, 2008

Other Accessories

December 5, 2009

Baby Pony Accessories


     US Baby MLP Accessories Checklist A    

    April 2, 2008    

    US Baby MLP Accessories Checklist B    

April 2, 2008

Large Baby Accessories

January 6, 2011

Little Baby Accessories

January 11, 2010


December 18, 2007


January 17, 2010

Baby Sea Pony

September 7, 2006 



         US Playsets Checklist         

Coming Soon!

Parlors + Stables

January 11, 2010

Early Playsets

January 11, 2010

Later Playsets

Feb. 7, 2009

Paradise Estate

May 20, 2008

Furniture Sets

May 14, 2009

Party Packs

March 8, 2007

Pony Wear


US Pony Wear Checklist

Coming Soon!

US Pony Wear: Page 1

        January 23, 2007        

       US Pony Wear: Page 2        

        January 23, 2007        

       US Pony Wear: Page 3        

May 13, 2009

Non-US Pony Wear

January 14, 2013

Brushes + Combs

     Animals + Flowers     

February 6, 2013

Baby + Sea Pony

        February 6, 2013      


        February 6, 2013       


February 6, 2013


January 20, 2013

Packaging Items


MIP Items

January 20, 2013

US Backcards: Page 1

January 29, 2009

US Backcards: Page 2

January 29, 2008

US Backcards: Page 3

May 14, 2009

Non-US Backcards

January 14, 2013

US Brochures

    May 13, 2009   

Non-US Brochures

February 5, 2007

    US MLP Stickers Checklist    

    September 5, 2006

Sticker Photos

January 12, 2009

Other MLP Stuff



February 4, 2008 

    Li'l Litters    

    September 24, 2004   

Other Accessory Resources


Dream Valley

A well known site for general information about My Little Ponies. A lot of the accessory information on the website is wrong; however, it can still serve as a starting point for information on accessories.

My Little Pony
Accessory File

Chrissytree has created a G1 accessory spreadsheet to check and record your ponies' accessories. If you would like a personal copy, you can PM her at or with your e-mail address, and she will e-mail it to you. (Click on the image to the left for a larger version of the image.)

The Complete

The website with the most comprehensive information about US Princess ponies.

UK Princesses
Accessory Survey

Since the UK Princess ponies were often released with different accessories than the US princesses, this website provides an informational survey on the wide variety accessories that may have come with the different UK princesses.

Sea Pony Utopia

An excellent guide to the sea ponies. Includes lots of excellent pictures of loose and MIP sea ponies.


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